Foundation Governing Board

Get to know the members of the Foundation Governing Board.

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aha! Swiss Allergy Centre is a non-profit foundation that is active throughout Switzerland, recognized by ZEWO and ISO-certified. The Foundation fulfils an important task for more than three million people with allergies or intolerances and offers a wide range of services – from advice to individuals and training courses through to prevention projects and campaigns for the population at large. 

The Foundation Governing Board functions as a supervisory body concerning all the activities of aha! Swiss Allergy Centre. Important individuals from the medical, public health, economic, legal and scientific fields are represented on the board.

The Foundation Governing Board of aha! Swiss Allergy Centre comprises

Sylvia Schüpbach

President of the Foundation Governing Board

Pharmalex GmbH, Bern

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier

Vice President of the Foundation Governing Board

Head of the Allergy Unit
Universitiy Hospital, Zurich

Dr. pharm. Carine Abt

Foundation Governing Board member

Pharma Specialist
Managing director
health4u AG, Oberägeri

Dr. rer. nat. Damini Daudel

Foundation Governing Board member

Managing director
Tapadar Pharma Compliance

Dr. Daniel Imhof

Assessor, Foundation Governing Board

Official Food Control Authority

Prof. Dr. med. Camillo Ribi

Foundation Governing Board member

Physician in chief, Immunology and Allergy
CHUV - Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois

Dr. Georg Schäppi

Foundation Governing Board member

CEO Kinderspital Zürich

Dr. Stephan Sigrist

Assessor, Foundation Governing Board

Head of the Think Tank W.I.R.E
Collegium Helveticum ETH, Zurich
ETH and University of Zurich

Ulrich Winzenried

Foundation Governing Board member

Business Konsulent
Burkhalter Rechtsanwälte
Bern / Zurich