Quality assurance

Evidence-based, accurate, comprehensive, readily understandable

The aha! Swiss Allergy Centre makes every effort to ensure that the articles, texts, specialist articles, brochures and factsheets are up to date, medically accurate and verified.

Specialist texts where no author or source is given have been written by members of the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre specialist team. Their have been reviewed by members of the Scientific Advisory Board and checked for accuracy and relevance. This also applies to medically related articles in the section "Media". Updated pages and other medical information are similarly reviewed and checked.

The aim of the www.aha.ch website is to provide sufferers, family and friends, specialists and the public with readily understandable, evidence-based and comprehensive information about the different clinical pictures for allergies, intolerances, allergic skin reactions, eczema and asthma and to suggest prevention strategies and advisory and support services. As stated above in the second paragraph, all specialist medical articles as well as the brochures have been reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board. The information for sufferers is intended to support the existing doctor-patient relationship; it should in no way be a substitute for any such relationship.

Financing, cooperation and sponsorship

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre relies heavily on private donations and business sponsorship.

The website has been developed completely independently; sponsors and cooperation partners have no control over the content.

Third-party banners and/or logos displayed on event pages or on pages offering training etc. support only the project, training, service or campaign described on those pages. Banners/logos are displayed in full view and are always accompanied by the statement "…is sponsored by…" or "...sponsors…" or similar. Our website also contains links to third-party websites. As we have no control over these websites, we accept no responsibility for this external content.

Products awarded the Allergy Seal of Quality by the Service Allergie Suisse SA (www.service-allergie.ch), a subsidiary of the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre, and the manufacturers/distributors of the same, are named/displayed with the sole aim of providing information to sufferers with allergies, intolerances, asthma, atopic dermatitis etc. Articles of this type published by the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre also with financial support, are annotated as such, with a statement such as "…was sponsored by…", "...sponsors...", "advertisement" or similar.

Reciprocal links between the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre, sponsors and cooperation partners, e.g. via banners, logos or text blocks, may be created as part of a partnership programme, i.e. purely to allow sponsors and aha! Swiss Allergy Centre to link to one another so that visitors to one website can be directed to the other websites or to specific pages, such as to training courses etc. The requirements for reciprocal links are subject to the criteria described above.

No medicines are mentioned in the editorial texts. Any mention of active substances from the pharmaceutical industry is guided by the regulations on the advertising of medicines (Ordinance on the Advertising of Medicinal Products, AWV).