Wills, bequests

Nurturing life-long values, enshrining those values beyond the grave, prudently make everything clear in your will – this is something that requires careful consideration.

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Leaving an endowment, a bequest or an inheritance to an organisation such as the Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre is an excellent way to help that organisation act in the interests and for the good of the general public.

Acting for the long term

Values can be important to people for their whole lives. And many people wonder how they can preserve those values after they have died with good inheritance planning. In the past, we constantly received inquiries about bequests, legacies or gifts. Making a will helps ensure you leave an enduring legacy. And a will can be amended or altered at any time. Our will generator can help you write your own will free of charge and without obligation.

An easy-to-understand guide

The accessible and easy-to-understand Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre guide to wills and bequests (in German only) uses a number of examples to illustrate what you need to bear in mind during inheritance planning and gives helpful answers to very personal questions. It also provides information about the objectives and activities of our organisation.

Donations, gifts and legacies play an increasingly important role for non-profit organizations. This is also true for our foundation. With a bequest to aha! Swiss Allergy Centre, you contribute significantly to long-term action for the benefit of allergy and asthma sufferers.


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Natasha Stirnimann
Fundraising – wills and bequests
+41 31 359 90 24 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have discretely and confidentially. You can contact me without obligation.

A Foundation with the ZEWO seal – your donation is in good hands

The Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre has been a member of the ZEWO Foundation, a Swiss certification body for non-profit organisations that collect donations, since 2003. The ZEWO seal certifies that your donation is duly received and used efficiently to good effect. For more information.