aha! Swiss Allergy Centre takes all possible steps to ensure that articles, text and specialist contributions published on the website are up-to-date, factually correct and thoroughly checked.

Technical material under the headings “Info on Allergies”, “Latest News”, etc., which does not explicitly identify the authors or a source, is produced by members of the specialist team of aha! Swiss Allergy Centre. All text items have been proofread by Prof. Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier, Head of Allergy Unit, University Hospital, Zurich, Vice-President of the Foundation Governing Board and President of the Scientific Advisory Board of aha! Swiss Allergy Centre or another member of the Scientific Advisory Board and checked for accuracy and relevance. This also applies to subject-based contributions under the heading “Media”. Updates to these pages and other medical information published on the website are subject to the same process.

The website www.aha.ch pursues the objective of providing comprehensive, accurate and evidence-based information about the subject of allergies to patients, their families and professionals. This includes information about the different clinical conditions from the area of allergies, about the available assistance, advice centres and possible methods of prevention. As mentioned in the second paragraph, all the specialised medical contributions have been checked by the Scientific Advisory Board. The information for patients is intended to support an existing patient-doctor relationship, but it certainly cannot replace such a relationship!

Financing, cooperation and sponsorship

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre is extremely reliant on private donors and on support from the business sector.

Where banners and/or logos of third parties are placed on event pages or on pages containing training offers, etc., only the project described on that particular page or the training course, service or campaign are supported, but not the website www.aha.ch itself. The placement of banners/logos is clearly visible and they are always linked to a note such as "…is supported by…”, “...supports the...” or similar. Our website contains links to the websites of third parties (“external links”). As the content of these websites is not under our control, we cannot assume any liability for such external content.

The present website is funded solely by aha! Swiss Allergy Centre and contains no advertising. Any mention/image of products that have been awarded the Swiss Allergy Label by Service Allergie Suisse SA (www.service-allergie-suisse.ch), a subsidiary of the Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre, and any mention of manufacturers/distributors of those products are intended solely to inform sufferers of allergies, intolerances, asthma, neurodermatitis, etc. (further information about the Allergy Label in German, in English). Contributions of this type, for the publication of which aha! Swiss Allergy Centre also receives financial support, e.g. in the “Aktuelles” (look at the german, french or italian site)  section, are linked to a suitable note such as “…is supported by…”, “...supports the...” or similar.

The website was developed entirely independently of sponsors or cooperation partners, who have no influence at all on the content.

Mutual links between aha! Swiss Allergy Centre, sponsors, patrons or cooperation partners (e.g. by means of banners, logos or text blocks) can be established within a partner program, which means there is a straightforward interaction between the sponsor, patron or cooperation partner and aha! Swiss Allergy Centre. Objective: reciprocal redirection of visitors to the websites or to certain pages in a targeted way, such as training offers, etc. The rules governing reciprocal linking are subject to the criteria described earlier.

Any mention of active ingredients from the area of pharmaceuticals is based on the Ordinance on advertising for medicinal products (AWV / OPMéd) of 17 October 2001 (as at 1 July 2011), Section 3: Advertising intended for the public.

No medicinal products are mentioned in the editorial texts.