The financing of aha! foundation is based on several pillars. The focus is on independence and sustainable action.


The financing of Foundation aha! is based on several pillars. The aim is to be able to generate resources for the greatest possible benefit of allergy sufferers in a largely independent fashion. The foundation thereby positions itself to ensure sustained commitment.

Foundation aha! is committed to the well-being of three million children and adults who experience massive limitations due to allergies, neurodermatitis, asthma and intolerances. In view of the seriousness of the problem and the number of sufferers, the magnitude of the task should not be underestimated. It is our declared aim to generate the greatest possible benefit for allergy sufferers with the limited resources available to us as a foundation. Furthermore, it is an important goal to be able to offer our services independently and in the long term. Therefore our financing is based on several pillars.

  • We are performing a function in the interests of the general public and in order to improve public health. Therefore the public authorities bear part of our project costs.
  • A further part of the project costs is met by private donors, institutional donors and grant-awarding bodies.
  • Companies from various sectors support our projects. This is an opportunity for those companies to assume their social responsibility. Of course, companies have no influence on the projects and on the content communicated.
  • Foundation aha! offers services for professionals, for which we are reimbursed under commercial terms and which helps towards covering our costs.

A balanced financial basis guarantees the independence that is essential to our commitment. Various organisations, such as the Swiss foundation supervisory authority and the certification body ZEWO, monitor and verify that handling of our funds is transparent and targeted at all times.