The pollen news app (in german, french, italian) allows pollen allergy sufferers to know at a brief glance how much pollen is in the air where at any given time, what is in flower and what they can do to avoid a trip outside becoming a nightmare.

The pollen news app provides hay fever sufferers with all the information they need

The pollen news app gives you the latest pollen forecasts for Switzerland and important advice about dealing with pollen allergy. Local pollen counts, the current weather conditions and the latest pollen forecasts allow more accurate assessment of the prevailing conditions. The pollen counts and forecasts are provided by MeteoSwiss, the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology. The pollen load is displayed using GPS tracking.

In the News section, you can find all the important information you need to know about allergies and intolerances in general and the latest from the aha! Swiss Allergy Foundation.

The Advice section provides further information about pollen allergy, desensitisation (specific immune therapy), diagnosis and treatment, cross-reactions and various other allergies. The common cold check allows you to assess whether you have hay fever or a cold and the asthma check tells asthma sufferers how well they are managing their asthma.

The app finally includes advice about dealing with pollen allergy and information about the services provided by the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre (brochures, aha! children’s camp, aha! youth camp, aha!newsletter and pollen newsletter, neurodermatitis, asthma and anaphylaxis education for parents and children, information about certified products for allergy sufferers, etc.).


Downloading the free pollen news app

Special features

  • 14 pollen stations with information about pollen load
  • Pollen forecasts for individual areas of the country
  • Display of pollen load on a map of Switzerland using GPS tracking
  • Forecast of when plants will begin to flower
  • Weather forecast
  • Information about allergenic plants, with a description and detailed images
  • Advice section with plenty of information about dealing with allergies and much more besides.


German, French, Italian