Anaphylaxis Training in Basel

A training for people with severe allergic reactions who want to master their everyday lives even better.

aha! Swiss Allergy Centre - Living with Allergies - Anaphylaxis-Training in Basel - Woman with adrenaline auto-injectorsAnaphylaxis is a severe, allergic shock reaction. It often occurs unexpectedly – with symptoms such as a drop in blood pressure, respiratory collapse and loss of consciousness. It is vital that those affected, their relatives, friends, the school or working environment are familiar with the most important rules of how to behave and emergency measures. Both theory and practice are covered in the course of the training.

Training course contents

The training takes place over two evenings. The first part conveys important basic knowledge. It also identifies rules and measures for dealing with anaphylactic shock, regardless of whether food, insect bites, latex, or medication have triggered the reaction. The second part of the training is dedicated in more detail to the topic of food allergies.

1st evening (all allergies)

  • Latest facts and figures on anaphylaxis
  • Measures in the event of an emergency
  • Knowing and avoiding triggers
  • Mastering day-to-day challenges
  • Dealing with fears and conflicts

2nd evening (food allergies)

  • Latest facts and figures on food allergies
  • Knowing and avoiding triggers
  • Day-to-day strategies (shopping, meals, environment, school, etc.)

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People who have been prescribed an emergency kit and/or their relatives:

  • Parents of children at risk of anaphylaxis
  • Affected adolescents with or without an accompanying adult

The dates of the training depend on the demand. Once the course can be completed, we will contact you. If you have any questions please contact 031 359 90 00.