aha! Swiss Allergy Centre - Swiss Allergy Label - certified productsProducts and services which are awarded the Swiss Allergy Seal of Quality are particularly suitable for people with allergies and intolerances. They can rely on these products, which take account of their special requirements, enhance their safety and make their everyday lives simpler.

Since 2006 – the Allergy Seal of Quality

The Allergy Seal of Quality was launched in 2006 and since then certified food products have been sold in their thousands via major distributors and specialist shops. Various cosmetics ranges, cleaning agents, technological products and other consumer goods carry the quality seal.

Benefits of the Swiss Allergy Label

"The more complicated the world, the greater people’s need for simplicity". (Jürgen Bauer)

The Swiss Allergy Label ("recommended by aha! Swiss Allergy Centre") is administered by Service Allergie Suisse

In Switzerland 3 million people suffer from allergies and intolerances. In their everyday life, people with an allergy or intolerance are reliant on products and services that offer added value in terms of safety and information. They look for foods that contain no lactose or gluten, for example, or are free of celery, peanuts or milk. Or they have to switch to cosmetics that contain no perfume or preservatives and dyes.

The legal provisions and their implementation by trade and industry as well as inspection measures are now at a very high level in Switzerland. However, the Swiss Allergy Label goes a few steps further – the requirements for products and services are far more stringent and compliance is constantly monitored by several independent supervisory bodies. Furthermore, we require additional information about the products and services for consumers. This means people with allergies and intolerances benefit from a clear added value in terms of safety and information when choosing products and using services that bear the Swiss Allergy Label.

Products with the Swiss Allergy Label

On the product database from Service Allergie Suisse SA, allergy and intolerance sufferers can find a wide selection of certified products from the areas of household appliances, cosmetics, food, medical products, technical products, textiles and washing and cleaning agents.

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The role of Service Allergie Suisse

Service Allergie Suisse, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation aha! Allergy Centre, holds the worldwide usage rights for the Swiss Allergy Label.


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