You are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding or have some other upcoming special occasion. In your life lots of nice things have happened to you, you have been delighted to receive gifts and now you want to bestow a bit of happiness on other people – for instance, with a donation.

Donation as a gift

Instead of receiving gifts, you might want the Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre to be supported by a monetary donation from your guests or your nearest and dearest.

A donation is a sensible alternative and an effective contribution for the benefit of allergy and asthma sufferers in Switzerland

Will you make a bank transfer as a special occasion donation?

Please let us know the person or the event for which you are making the donation. Note the full address of the person and the special occasion (e.g. birthday, anniversary or wedding) in the message field of the payment slip. Many thanks.

Tamara Bielmann will be happy to provide additional information: tel. 031 359 90 20 or by email: