Three million people with allergies, neurodermatitis, asthma and intolerances rely on your help. A donation of 20, 50, 100 francs or a contribution of your choice will enable us to provide important services.

Improve the quality of life

With information and preventive work, the Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre raises awareness among the wider population about the problems of allergies. It informs, advises, supports and promotes understanding. The aim is to motivate sufferers to handle their allergic disease effectively and self-reliantly.

We will use your donation for fellow citizens in Switzerland. Every donation will contribute to this knowledge transfer, assist expansion of the services we offer and help to improve the quality of life of sufferers and their families.

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Focus on children

The increase in allergies among children and adolescents prompted aha! Swiss Allergy Centre to develop services specially tailored to these age groups:

Training courses and workshops

​The training sessions for patients are intended to supplement the treatment and therapy provided by medical professionals. The focus is on strengthening people’s own resources. Participants’ contributions only cover a small part of the training costs. Donations and patrons’ contributions help to ensure that the recognized training courses can be run:

Comprehensive advice and information

aha! Swiss Allergy Centre provides this information largely free of charge – thanks to our donors who lend their generous support and solidarity for the good of their fellow human beings who suffer illness-related limitations.

Tax benefit from donations

Donations to the Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre afford tax benefits and can be deducted from taxable income in most cantons and for the purposes of direct federal taxation. Details can be found in the ZEWO information leaflet.

The Foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre is a member of ZEWO and has been certified since 2003 as a fundraising organisation. The security of your personal data is guaranteed. Personal details are treated as confidential, they are not circulated or disclosed to any third party.