Company donation

You want to take the opportunity and serve a good cause: because you have a successful business year to celebrate, a positive order situation, because you have an upcoming anniversary or some other festive event. Excellent reasons to share that pleasure – with a company donation.

Corporate social responsibility

About two million people in Switzerland suffer from an allergy. Including intolerances, the figure is around three million. The rapid increase in recent decades is also a result of our modern lifestyle. Allergies and intolerances are based on a multi-layered interaction between a diversity of factors and influences.

Many sufferers are greatly restricted in their health and well-being. Well-informed and well-advised, these people are finding their way back to greater quality of life. aha! Swiss Allergy Centre supports them on this path.

How good it would be if you and your company wanted to make a contribution to this support, for instance by donating from your budget (instead of sending Christmas gifts to your customers) or by holding a special collection amongst your staff.

With a company donation, you are making a clear statement that social responsibility is enshrined in your corporate philosophy and that you, as the employer, fully take on that corporate social responsibility

Are you planning a company donation? 

We will be happy to help you. Together we will think through the reason, the aim and purpose of a campaign to support our foundation. Would you like to mention your commitment to aha! Swiss Allergy Centre, following the principle "Do good and talk about it to motivate others to do the same"? We will be glad to offer suitable communication platforms.

Monika Brünisholz will be happy to provide additional information: tel. 031 359 90 21 or by email:

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