Confidential handling of user information on aha! Swiss Allergy Centre does not sell, communicate or rent any personally identifiable data to third parties and handles confidentially any personal details (addresses, messages, etc.) that may be entered on the website or sent by e-mail. Replies to questions in tests such as the hay fever or asthma / allergy test or similar pages are recorded in anonymised form.

aha! Swiss Allergy Centre operates data networks, which comply with the industry standard in terms of security and are protected by firewall and password systems, and has suitable security measures in place to ensure protection against loss, misuse and alteration of user data subject to its control. Only authorised members of staff have access to user information, to databases where user data are stored or to the servers for our services. aha! Swiss Allergy Centre cannot guarantee against loss, misuse or alteration of data but makes every effort to prevent incidents of this kind.

The conditions described here, this website and its operation are subject to Swiss law. Administration of donor addresses recorded via the website is additionally subject to the guidelines of the certification body ZEWO which explicitly prohibits the disclosure of such addresses.