Diary that helps people with asthma discover how well they are controlling their condition. Information from an asthma test, peak-flow readings, and data indicating quality of life can be analysed in graph form, and presented to the user's doctor as an indication of the user's level of asthma control.

The app "Asthma-Info" offers practical information on managing asthma

The "Asthma-Info" app offers a way of finding out how well controlled your asthma is. A set of statistics shows you how your asthma is getting on and you can use the log to inform your doctor about the level of your asthma control.

The latest weather forecasts for Switzerland and information about pollen levels make it possible for sufferers to assess the situation more accurately. Tips on prevention and more detailed information help to improve the quality of life.

With this app, aha! Swiss Allergy Centre offer you high-quality data and information for your smartphone.

Download the free app "Asthma-Info"

Special features

  • Asthma test
  • Statistics about peak flow, ACT and quality of life
  • Log to pass on to your doctor
  • 14 pollen monitoring stations with information about pollen counts
  • 5-day weather forecast
  • Practical guide to coping with asthma


German, French, Italian